Spa care: the true allies of children

Spas for children are a valuable ally in protecting them from the most common ailments of the cold months: otitis, bronchitis, colds and flu. Those who have a baby know this: every year with the beginning

Spa of Cotilia: origins and history

About 100 kilometers from Rome and 35 from L'Aquila, in the valley of the Velino River, at kilometer 102 of the Via Salaria, stood the ancient pre-Roman city of Cotilia, considered sacred and a pilgrimage destination

Why treat yourself with thermal water?

L’acqua sulfurea rappresenta l’unico mezzo chimico “farmacologico” utilizzato a fini terapeutici presso le Terme di Cotilia. L’acqua sulfurea di Cotilia è caratterizzata da un buon grado solfidrometrico. Quest’acqua, previa esecuzione di opportune sperimentazioni