Prestazioni erogate anche a carico del Sistema Sanitario Nazionale

In Cotilia Terme it is also possible to enjoy thermal cures in agreement with the National Health Service (SSN). To use it, simply present the request (red prescription) of your family doctor, freely chosen paediatrician or specialistwith an indication of the pathology and the cycle of treatment to be provided. This opportunity is mutuable and offers everyone one cycle of spa treatment per year, with the exception of recognised disabled persons, who can benefit from an additional cycle, related to the recognised disability.

Thanks to the modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment housed in the new department, which has over one hundred trivalent inhalation stations, and our panel of specialists, the facility is able to guide adult and paediatric patients towards the most suitable treatment for their pathology. The therapeutic pathway involves the application of inhalation methods such as, for example, warm-humid inhalation, nasal-boccal aerosol, endotympanic insufflations, and collective nebulisation. 

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The facility is equipped and appreciated for prevention and maintenance thermal therapies specific to respiratory pathologies. The department has 8 stations for individual treatments related to the integrated pulmonary ventilation cycle, which consists of respiratory gymnastics useful for improving respiratory function, where it is also possible to use a pyrometric examination, which is useful for a diagnosis of initial chronic bronchial obstruction disease.

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The thermal water of Cotilia is the basis of the hydropinic cure, a therapy also used to treat urinary calculosis, its recurrences and metabolic turnover, to purify the gastrointestinal system but also to rebalance the functioning of the biliary tract and liver.

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In Cotilia Terme, vaginal irrigations are performed after a specialist visit or prescription by your gynaecologist, for the treatment of inflammatory states of the female genital mucosa, to restore normal mucosal and skin functions. 

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Patologie e ciclo di cure consigliato

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