Dr. Nino Rosica

Otolaryngology Department

Il ProfNino Rosica è un Medico Chirurgo, Specializzato in Otolaryngology.

Il ProfNino Rosica graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1963 from the University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum and specialized in. Otolaryngology, at the same university in 1967. Registered with the Provincial Register of Surgeons of Rome (Ordine della Provincia di Roma) since 1972. He continued his studies and worked at various medical facilities in Italy and the United States such as the Hospital University Pennsylvania in Philadelphia,at the University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum and at the America Navy Hospital Agnano in Naples. He currently practices at his medical office and at various nursing homes and specialist clinics. Author of numerous scientific articles, published in various leading journals both domestic and foreign. Presenter at numerous courses as an organizer and speaker at various national and international conferences.

Il ProfNino Rosica is an expert on the Otolaryngology who has gained a great deal of experience in the surgery and in the treatment of dizziness and of the deafness. Also with several years of experience, he has specialized in. implants of hearing aids which are applied by surgery. In his career he has applied himself greatly to research in the field of buzz and has introduced innovative techniques for his treatment. Always there for his patients, who also come to him for problems of snoringapneas during sleep and various types of headaches. The practice in which he practices is equipped with various technologies that allow him to perform the latest surgical procedures safely and with the guarantee of always obtaining excellent results. Among the surgeries he mostly performs we have OtoplastyRhinoplastyOtosclerosisOtologic microsurgeryCholesteatoma ear ecc.