Foundation of the Society: a journey

Terme di Cotilia Srl has been at your service in the management of the thermal resource for over 50 years.

Cotilia Terme starts to redo its make-up

The company plans the restyling of the entire spa complex, looking at innovative and sustainable industrial solutions. In 2019, it will return Block A to full operation, with a remodelled infrastructure in terms of infrastructure, organisation and technology.

New Corporate Governance for Cotilia Terme

In 2022, the Del Tosto family looks forward to an opportunity for corporate growth, with a new governance that sees Valerio Filippo del Tosto, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Società Terme di Cotilia Srl, at the helm, while business development is entrusted to Emanuele Del Tosto.

Mud therapy, medical spa and outpatient specialisation

 Innovation and spa tradition, these are the main pillars on which the entire project is based, a meeting point between different forms of medical-specialist culture aimed not only at therapy and rehabilitation but also at maintaining health.

Welcome to Cotilia Terme

The Structure

The Terme di Cotilia were a renowned destination in Roman times: Varro, Titus Livius, Virgil and Seneca mention them.

The spa complex is divided into Block "A" and "Block "B", the latter not yet operational, as it is subject to structural and organisational remodelling. In "Block A" special areas are operational, appropriately defined by letters, in order to orientate the user within the complex with respect to the health services and/or facilities provided.

Spa Complex

The futuristic present

The Cotilia thermal complex is located on the San Vittorino Plain, between the municipality of Castel Sant'Angelo and the municipality of Cittaducale, in the province of Rieti. Surrounded by green gardens and trees, the facility is located on the ancient Via Salaria in the middle of the Velino river valley, near the ancient pre-Roman city considered sacred and a pilgrimage destination for its healing waters.

Today, Cotilia Terme stands on the market as a dynamic, solid and expanding spa company, affiliated with the National Health Service and highly innovative, able to offer both spa services and a social and proximity-oriented medicine.

Fundamental Principles

The Cotilia Terme Corporate Principles form the basis of our corporate culture, and reflect the ideas of honesty, integrity and long-term thinking.


Cotilia Terme is constantly working to ensure that all its residents are guaranteed the right to full participation


Cotilia Terme constantly works to ensure that all its patients are guaranteed the right to effective treatment


Cotilia Terme currently operates under an active accreditation with the SSN only for the spa area

Right to choose

Cotilia Terme constantly works to ensure that all its patients are effectively guaranteed a right to choose


Cotilia Terme constantly works to ensure that all its residents are effectively guaranteed the right to full participation

Efficiency and effectiveness

Cotilia Terme is constantly working to
all their patients are effectively guaranteed the right to efficient care

Health Workers

Here you can find all the information about the health workers in our facility